Sunday, 28 June 2009

Western Kenya and Uganda Expedition 2009

On the 7th July, I, along with 18 boys from my school and three other supervising adults, will go off to Western Kenya and Uganda for a month. The itinerary, roughly-speaking, is this:

1. Fly into Nairobi.

2. Travel up to Lake Naivasha, Mount Longonot, Hell's Gate and Lake Nakuru National Parks for some (small) acclimatisation treks.

3. Work for a week on a building project for a charity/school/hospital in the Nairobi area (TBC as is often the way in these parts of the world ;-)

4. Embark on final acclimatisation trek in the Kakamega Forest - Kenya's last remaining bit of rainforest.

5. Cross into Uganda and up to Mbale to get provisions for main seven day trek up and down Mt Elgon.

6. Conquer Mount Eglon and come down to the Sipi Falls.

7. Victoriously head to Jinga for some White Water Rafting.

8. Head back to Kampala and out to Entebbe Airport to catch the plane home. (6 Aug)

99 Balloons

Hope in the midst of sorrow. This is inspirational:

Saturday, 27 June 2009

True Greatness

You know how great a potter is by looking at the pots he makes.

You know how great a builder is by looking at the buildings he builds.

You know how great an artist is by looking at the paintings he paints.

You know how great a musician is by listening to the music he writes.

You know how great a commander is by hearing of the battles he has won.

You know how great a father is by looking at the children he has raised.

...etc... etc... blah... blah...

Best of all, when all of the above, and more, fail:

You know how great a saviour is by looking at those whom he saves.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Lords' Watch - June 09

In a recent post, I encouraged people to write to their MPs re amendments to the laws on free speech and assisted suicide.

The same legislation is now up in the House of Lords for voting at the beginning of July. If, like me, you live in Berkshire, you can get in touch with Lord Palmer, (pictured right).

As in that former post, I will be asking him to vote in a way that protects free speech and conscience and the sanctity of life.

You can snail mail Lord Palmer at:

The House of Lords,

or email him.

If you are interested, you can see his voting record here.

Happy writing.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Loving the Church in All of Life

After a weekend of learning how to love the Church - the bride of Christ, and hearing how marriage in this life is an echo of the great marriage between Christ and the Church at the climax of history, here are two pastoral offshoot thoughts.

1. Up to 36hrs ago I would have agreed with this article. The essential proposition is that Romantic Comedies are to women, what pornography is to men - unhealthy fantasy. But after a weekend reflecting on the purpose of the Church in history, I think this is a better take on the matter. (That doesn't mean that if it doesn't have an 18 certificate it can't warp your thinking though. Discernment is needed, whatever the cert.)

2. Glen Scrivener with, what is in my opinion, the best reason why masturbation is plain wrong. In short, it's the anti-gospel.

And yes, the picture is well cheesy! :-)

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Vox Pops!

A Christian friend tells you that whilst they still believe in Jesus, they don’t see the need to be part of a local church anymore.

How would you respond in no more than 10 words?

Sunday, 14 June 2009

A Day of Contrasts

It started with a triathlon at 8am, (Full Olympic distance)
I thought I was going to throw up and have bladder failure all at once on the run! Suffice to say, I think my tri-buddies stuffed me!

It was followed by our school fete.
I won a bag of Minstrals on a dart throwing game. Woo-hoo!

Followed by praying for the troubled nation of Sudan.
Some incredible stories of darkness, but also rays of hope. It is an awesome thing to know that through Jesus, Christians have the ear of a God who acts mercifully and graciously!

Followed by Cricket
Haven't played that in ages!

Followed by Cream Tea with treasured friends
I also enjoyed having a go at no.1 daughter's spellings! Heck, I never remember if it's one l or two in busilly!

Followed by marking (which I will start in a minute when I have done this!)
I like marking like I like washing up - it's only best when it's over.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Hell and Damnation -The Hollywood Drivel Way

On my commute to work I currently see many ads for the film "Drag Me to Hell." I must confess, from the picture, I can't tell whether this woman is delighted or terrified at the prospect of going there.

No creature in their right mind whether from this physical universe or from the unseen spiritual realms wants to end up in the Lake of Fire - the second death, but only those humans (demons don't get a second chance) who love and put their trust in Jesus will escape it and live on joyfully in the renewed creation.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

What is your name...?

The following is the testimony of Richard Wurmbrand who spent many years in a Communist Prison, tortured for his faith in Jesus. All he had to do was say three simple words: "I renounce Christ" and all the pain and isolation would have come to an end - instantly!

He never did say those words:

He embodies this verse magnificently.