Sunday, 28 June 2009

Western Kenya and Uganda Expedition 2009

On the 7th July, I, along with 18 boys from my school and three other supervising adults, will go off to Western Kenya and Uganda for a month. The itinerary, roughly-speaking, is this:

1. Fly into Nairobi.

2. Travel up to Lake Naivasha, Mount Longonot, Hell's Gate and Lake Nakuru National Parks for some (small) acclimatisation treks.

3. Work for a week on a building project for a charity/school/hospital in the Nairobi area (TBC as is often the way in these parts of the world ;-)

4. Embark on final acclimatisation trek in the Kakamega Forest - Kenya's last remaining bit of rainforest.

5. Cross into Uganda and up to Mbale to get provisions for main seven day trek up and down Mt Elgon.

6. Conquer Mount Eglon and come down to the Sipi Falls.

7. Victoriously head to Jinga for some White Water Rafting.

8. Head back to Kampala and out to Entebbe Airport to catch the plane home. (6 Aug)


Karen said...

Then come home and collapse for a week! Sounds a fantastic trip - hope you enjoy every minute.

Richard Walker said...

Usually I bring home an upset stomach! :-S So will need a week exclusion zone around me!