Saturday, 26 May 2012

His Bit on the Side

It would appear that sexual fidelity isn't the only challenge men face when doing honesty in a relationship. There's now the whole new world of dietary fidelity (or lack of it) with which to contend.

As an aside - many (men) seem to think that meat eating is a sign of prowess, but love it or hate it - vegetarianism is the future.

At the centre of the New Jerusalem is a tree not an abattoir.

The the Temple of the Old Covenant was a glorified slaughter house, death was the major theme and it was temporary. But at the centre of the New Covenant, at the centre of the New Jerusalem is a tree - a symbol of Christ's abundant life and this temple is eternal.

The good news is: cheese, alcohol and chocolate are still on the menu!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Pizza and Porn!

Greetings anonymous reader,

If you have arrived at this page thinking from the title you would be served some X-rated food fest. You are about to be wholly disappointed, but now I have your attention feel free to read and watch on...

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Communion: How Did we Turn a Feast into a Funeral?

Been doing a little research into the practice of communion. Up until about 400 years ago, it would have been inconceivable to meet as God's people and not include the "breaking of bread" aka communion in that gathering. The early church put it on a par with teaching, fellowship and prayer (Acts 2:42). These days evangelical churches in the UK that do it more than once a month are an exception rather than the rule.

But then, given the way we celebrate it, who can blame us for not wanting to do it that often. Communion often feels more like a masonic funeral than a feast, more like a tomb than a table set for a banquet, more like self-flagellation than celebration. And who, in their right mind, would ever invite you to a meal and then think themselves a hero when all they had given you was a crumb and a sip?