Wednesday, 17 November 2010

I Am Unclean

Jesus said that it wasn't what went into a man that would make him unclean, but rather what came out of him.

Jesus' testimony about the bitter spiritual fruit of my heart is backed up by the testimony of physical reality. Nothing that comes from my body is fit for human consumption/edification.

Of course, in extreme circumstances of survival or emergency medical attention, one can recycle certain elements, but not indefinitely, the level of toxicity becomes too great and eventually poisons us.

In the prosperous West, we forget this, we put it behind our backs, whilst whistling and looking about, checking no one noticed. It's only when there are floods, when sewers burst, or when we visit the sick and vulnerable, that we realise how dangerous we can be.

Even the fruit of my loins, (if I ever have any kids that is) are born of a corrupted seed, one that, like me, produces offspring that are unclean and alienated from God.

We've created all kinds of ritual washings both to cleanse and beautify ourselves. Some of them are obviously religious, others are not as obviously so, but the same kind of heart does both.

We like to think we have the Midas touch, but the reality is different. Into this crazy, messed up, wicked world, Jesus comes and, moved with pity, says to spiritual lepers like you and me: Be clean.

Where our (religious) words bring death; Jesus' words bring life.

Where our touch brings death; Jesus' touch brings life.

Where our seed brings death; Jesus' seed brings everlasting life.


Unknown said...

Born sick and commanded to be well, I would call that wicked.

Richard Walker said...

I would have wholeheartedly agreed with you had the command not be accompanied with the cure (that is the good news of Jesus).

The greater tragedy is that so many don't want to be well.