Saturday, 10 October 2009

When Strength is Beautiful and Beauty is Strong

You, dear readers, have probably all seen this clip already since, unlike the 0.1% of the population, which includes hippies, monks, eco-boffs, legalistic religious whackos and me, you own a TV, but thanks to wonder of YouTube, and a friend posting this on their social network, I did a little catching up.

As an aside, did you spot the idiotic irony of calling the clip Evolution. There is nothing Darwinian-ly random, accidental or natural about having a flurry of people purposefully scurrying around to transform you from plain Jane into Venus-like Vera, (although I must admit in my prejudice, the name Vera doesn't sound very Venus-like to me! ;-)

In it's so-called wisdom, our culture has tried to divorce just about everything from its source in Christ, including notions of beauty and strength. Beauty is vanity unless it springs from Christ-like reverent holiness. Strength is vanity if it isn't, merciful, just and self-giving like Jesus.

Beauty and strength only finally make sense when they are cross-shaped.

Remember that (and this) the next time (you nearly cycle into a lampost/crash your car/walk into a fellow commuter because) you're gawking at someone who has caught your eye for very shallow reasons.

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