Sunday, 29 March 2015

Six Good Friday Meditations @ RFC Church Offices 12pm-3pm

From 12pm-3pm, we have created a space at the church offices, for those who would like it, to mark Good Friday and marvel together on the greatest sacrifice in history.

We will sing songs, pray, share thoughts and ponder silently. There will be six half hour slots finishing with communion. Come and join us for one, two, three or more of them.

Each half hour slot will stand on its own as a distinct meditation, but for those who wish to stay for more than one, there is clearly a progression through the events of the story.

Whilst there will be no official child care, there will be a creche area for children to play in, should parents wish to come and do a tag team job of one watching over their little ones whilst the other takes part in the meditation and vice versa.

We'll be following Jesus' sacrifice through the eyes of John:
  • 12pm - The Glory - John 13:1-11
  • 12:30pm - The Gift - John 14:15-31
  • 1pm - Gethsemane - John 18:1-11
  • 1:30pm - Gabbatha - John 19:1-16
  • 2pm - Golgotha - John 19:17-37
  • 2:30pm - Grave - John 19:38-42 followed by communion
...and seeing how Jesus, far from being the victim of circumstance, is the LORD who remains in total authority over everything even his killers - doing everything according to plan, giving himself up for the sake of those who hate him.

There is not a god like him!