Monday, 20 December 2010

Christmas Meditation: How Do The Heavens Display the Glory of God?

The more you get freed from the matrix, of Western Philosophy, the more depth you find there is to plumb in the Bible!

For example, Psalm 19:1-6. Have you ever wondered how the Heavens display the glory of God? How they pour forth speech?

If we're honest, in our heart of hearts, most of us would probably say that the Bible exaggerates with the phrase "pours forth" and should really tone it down to a "trickles out." The blended enormity and intricacy of creation proves that that there must be a God somewhere (up there?) who is "well clever and powerful," e.g. Allah, but that's as far as most of us would want to push it.

The problem is the Bible speaks a different language, and until you understand it, you will think that many of the claims it makes are crazy, unfair or plain unintelligible.

My best effort to date to show that this kind of thinking exposes the poor quality of our spiritual vision (including mine) is here.

Moreover, following more reflection on this post, I think we can say, without cringing, that the heavens pour forth speech. :-D

Before the ages of mass candle production and then electricity, the greatest lights at night were the moon, (especially when full) and the stars.

In the strange world of the Bible, stars are symbolic of angels; the good, the bad and the ugly Lucifer (Satan) himself.

Under the oversight of Christ, the night-world of Old Testament times was ruled by the Law (the moon) and angels including/especially the fallen ones (the stars), but when Christ himself (the sun) dawned on our darkness, he striped them all of their power and authority, blowing open a way for us to know God again in open faced fellowship.

We have been freed from the rulers of this creation, to serve the true God without fear.

Every 24 hours we get a simple, but profound presentation of the gospel, served up to our naked eyes by creation.

Such wonderful truth, made Zechariah sing!!

Dave Bish also has some great words to say about Zech's first century chart topper.