Friday, 17 December 2010

Feeling My Age

Had a most enjoyable time at the work Christmas do, but felt my age a bit, not only because I joined a goodly number of my male peers rocking out to the cover band that were playing (they were very good!) but also because in my heart of hearts, I realised I've reached that point in life when the music that really resonates with me and my young days is totally unknown to those who are actually "young."

Here's a video, in case, like me, your air guitar needs a touch more finesse:


Karen said...

I feel your pain. I could weep sometimes when my kids go 'who?'!!

Pipsqueak's Musings said...

Your not that old Grandpa!

john Marcham said...

If you are old what does that make me. Bring back the Everleys and Roy Orbison et al. Good job I have an Ipod so that I can relive my musical youth.