Tuesday, 21 December 2010

An International Christmas

I love having a window on other people's worlds, so I'm looking forward to Christmas day when I'll, not only remember Jesus' birth, but have the pleasure of welcoming a diverse crowd of nine different people around my festal table.

Represented there will be the nations of India, Malaysia, USA, Botswana, (possibly also Zimbabwe depending on the unfolding action at Heathrow) and, of course, our Great Britannia. I'll provide a classically British Christmas dinner, (however, grump-bag Walker won't be doing any of that "extra mile" decorating stuff. That's too much like effort! As if the labour of love that goes into preparing copious amounts of roast potato for 9 people wasn't enough??! In other words, if you can't eat it - and you definitely can't eat tinsel - I ain't interested. That said, if I was happily newly-wed I'd probably say: "Darling, nothing would give me greater pleasure than to put up the tinsel for you!! Flutter flutter, flutter! ;-) [Note to self: Perform emergency stop on stream of consciousness, NOW!])

They have been asked provide cameos of life in their country and maybe a game or two for us all to play, if not I'll be wheeling out charades! (GROAN) Could be difficult though because although I feel comfortable in the Hollywood edition of the game, if they bring out the Bollywood edition, I'll be stuffed!! These global times are changin'.

Whatever the outcome, it's gonna be a great day! :-D

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