Wednesday, 1 December 2010

In the News: Jesus, Sprouts and Hope

Elton John guest-edited today's edition of the Independent and among his "10 things he disliked when in his 20's but likes now" are Brussels sprouts and Jesus.

Today is Not Ashamed to be a Christian Day. Difficult to keep track of all these awareness days. Which bandwagon do I jump on again?? Missed the boat on that one. (Ouch! Double whammy of metaphor) Oh well... Could post a FB status I s'pose.

Oh and err... humans are hope machines, apparently. Of course it's nothing to do with the image of God in them and all about how random evolution cleverly made them that way. ;-)

I'm also glad that the true meaning and joy of Christmas cannot be overshadowed by any possible sprout shortage, perceived or actual.

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