Wednesday, 22 December 2010

What I Say: Reviewing the Biblical Thinking Forum 2010

If I had to choose a metaphor to describe this year's forum, it would probably be that of a Ramblers' Association hike, because:
  1. None of us were paid professional bible teachers, I was, to paraphrase C. S. Lewis, the amateur guide only ever one step ahead, leading a bunch of fellow, less-experienced amateurs, all of us with a shared desire for exploring the Bible, including a non-Christian who joined us for the majority of the year!
  2. We saw some incredible things as we journeyed together.:-)
  3. We found ourselves in some cul-de-sacs too. I led us into some of them. :-S
  4. Sometimes we saw what the "guide book" told us we would see, other times we were surprised by some totally unexpected and awesome things.
  5. We came home (I think/hope) consciously richer in our knowledge and trust of Jesus.
I'm grateful not only for the stuff we have learnt but the friendships we've formed. Discussions have been frank, honest, and loving, even when we haven't always agreed on the interpretation of everything we have seen. 

I look forward to tramping a similar, route in 2011 with a lot more confidence and clarity! :-D


dave bish said...

Starting again with a different group, or continuing with the same people on different material?

Richard Walker said...

A bit of both.

A good number have said they want to do it again to revisit and refresh themselves on the material. They will be able to help me help those who join up this time round. :-)

Material wise, I want to keep the good sessions, replace the not so good with more helpful sessions and rework the ones that were good, but that I hashed! :-S

One thing I found is that even with all the good will in the world, people are all at different points in the bible reading plan, and even if they are at the same point some are just trying to get to grips with what's going on, let alone understanding its place in the big picture.

So the plan is to loosely follow a cover to cover structure, running stand alone sessions, that anyone could rock up to and understand, (no prior reading necessary) but recognising that those who are up to speed/have been there before will make more connections to the big picture.

I recently purchased James Jordan's complete audio library, and listening to him on the Old Testament is SO HELPFUL!! Need to email them and ask what the policy is regarding copying the stuff cos I'll happily burn some DVDs if I am allowed! :-)

John Marcham said...

Sounds good, especially is anyone can join .

Richard Walker said...

Would be a pleasure to have you join us John (and Anne too if she is up for it.)