Wednesday, 22 December 2010

What They Said: Reviewing the Biblical Thinking Forum 2010

This isn't us, but it gives you a feel for what the forum was like.
Here is the feedback from the Biblical Thinking Forum. We met (usually) on the third Monday evening of every month (but not at all in August). We started with pudding.

All very useful/interesting to help me decide what to drop and what I need to work on harder to help people make the right kind of connections in the coming year (e.g. session 3).

Here's what we covered and how it was rated. (Note thumbs up/down means that it was cited as a favourite/least favourite session.
  1. Pointers for the Journey - How to see God at work in the Old Testament Verdict: 4 thumbs up "I liked the heavy focus on Jesus through the whole OT"
  2. Tabernacle Theatre – How the Tabernacle showcased all that God would do for his people and creation Verdict: 4 thumbs up, 2 thumbs down
  3. The Festival Calendar – How God reminded his people of the Gospel in every day life.Verdict: 3 thumbs up, 4 thumbs down "Was the most difficult to follow / understand"
  4. King and Kingdom – A comparison between the false king (Saul) Adam and the true king (David) Christ  Verdict: 2 thumbs up
  5. The Gospel in the Old Testament – How to illustrate New Testament Theology with Old Testament Story Verdict: 3 thumbs up
  6. Jesus and Job – How the Wisdom Literature prophesies the Gospel. Verdict: 2 thumbs up
  7. The Prophets - Who they were and what they did in bringing people back to Jesus. Verdict: 5 thumbs up "...the cheesy video was pretty epic and the presence of the Holy Spirit was memorable"
  8. Prepare to Meet Jesus – A review of how we have seen Jesus in the Old Testament.Verdict: No one said anything good or bad about this one
  9. Behold your God – Five of the ways in which Jesus is the fulfilment of all Old Testament hope. Verdict: 2 thumbs up
  10. Preparing Christ’s Bride – How the resurrection, ascension and giving of the Spirit changes everything.Verdict: 3 thumbs up
  11. The End is Better than the Beginning - How and Why Revelation 22 is better than Genesis 1. The review was done before session 11 was run. Probably a good thing - my prep was a little raw!
Is there anything that we did not cover that you wish we had covered?
  • Theology of angels
  • More detail would have been helpful at certain points (what they would like detail on was not specified by writer - ironic ;-)
  • The specific prophecies about Jesus in the OT
Is there anything about the location/format/presentation/frequency of meeting that you would change?
Vast majority happy with format, suggested tweaks were:
  • More multimedia input
  • Add a time of worship
Over all : Anything else you want to add?
  • Online discussion forum

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