Friday, 31 December 2010

Bible in a Year Done - And Yes It Starts Again Tomorrow!

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Today saw me finish the cover to cover Bible reading plan I have been following. The last couple of weeks has felt a bit like the scene (right) from Toy Story, chasing madly to finish on schedule, culminating in listening to the whole of Revelation today on my iPod as I cycled home from my parents. (Not the best way to digest such a complex book! But hey, I'm not doing this for brownie points!)

So what have I gained from such an exercise? Why would I want to start again tomorrow?

I could share a whole bunch of things I've learnt, some of them I have blogged here, others I've kept to myself.

The headline is probably that this year I have loved reading the Old Testament more than ever. The gritty reality and hope that is found in it. That sounds weird to most people, but it's true. With a couple of keys given to me by godly guys over the years along with eyes of faith, I have learnt to see deep and glorious things here about the Jesus who is the Father's gift to the human race. And all of it prophesied hundreds of years before any of it ever took place! There's no one who is worthy of affection and worship like Jesus!

Bible reading operates on the law of increasing returns. The more you know the story, the easier it is to see connections between seemingly unrelated events. I have also sowed seeds, so that next time round other things will come to light that I never noticed before. I wonder what they will be...

I still find it a grind, often, (as the first paragraph here hints), but I know that God is working on me and one day I shall understand it all like he does. :-)

That will be an awesome day!


Sean Green said...

It will be good to journey on this one together!

Richard Walker said...

I agree! :-)