Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Jonathan is a Type of John the Baptist

Jonathan, the son of Saul, is, unlike his father, quite a man of God. He sees what God is doing and rather than getting in the way, he does all he can to ensure it comes to pass. As I've pondered this, I'm beginning to think that Jonathan's life be a prophetic picture (a type) of John the Baptist. Here's a comparison, by no means exhaustive - feel free to comment with observations:

They are both born into a royal household.
Jonathan, the son of King Saul - 1Sam.14:40
John the Baptist, tenuous I know, but related as a cousin of Jesus who was a direct descendent of King David - Lk.1:35-36

They both take on the "seed" of the serpent.
Jonathan - 1Sam.14:6
John the Baptist - Mt.3:7

The people were expecting these men to be their king
Jonathan - 1Sam.20:30-31
John the Baptist - Lk.3:15

They both willingly and joyfully hand over their mantles of authority to ones greater than they.
Jonathan - 1Sam.18:4
John the Baptist - Mt.3:14-15, Jn.3:30

They are both killed by those who sought their lives.
Jonathan - 1Sam.31:2
John the Baptist - Mt.14:10-11

Their deaths are both lamented by those for whom they had prepared the way.
Jonathan - 2Sam.1:17
John the Baptist - Mt.14:12-13

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Suzanne said...

Several years later after your initial post, but I just had the same thought about Jonathan as I was doing my study this morning, and I went online to see if anyone else had made the Jonathan/John the Baptist connection. Glad to see I’m not alone! Your Scripture references are very helpful. Thank you!