Saturday, 20 November 2010

Genesis A La Take That

The opening track from Take That's latest album is an interesting one. There is a fistful of Genesis imagery here. (For the record, I didn't go looking, I just noticed it at the top of the iTunes chart as I was looking for something else! ;-)

Press play below:

In classic postmodern style, they say much and yet seem to say nothing, or at least not that I can understand anyway. Maybe they're just too deep for me!

It's seems to be more about sentiment than sense. It looks confident, but is confused. The Fab 5 are older now and no doubt want something more profound to sing about than lipstick on coffee cups but haven't quite found it yet. Perhaps unlike Bono, they're aren't quite so willing to admit it, preferring to look strong whilst dumbly rowing out to sea and calling it progress, rather than throwing up their hands and crying "Jesus, save me from this madness!"

Then again, they can always turn around and say they were being clever and ironic! Or that it was just about getting back together or...

Whatever the interpretation, (and feel free to offer a better one) I like the tune. And no doubt it's making them a bucket load of money, so they're probably sleeping easy, for now at least..

I like to think that one day, they would sing about a rest for the soul that is sweetness beyond description.


Jonathan Robinson said...

did i hear them claim to be "defenders of the faith"?

couldn't have seen that one coming! :-)

Richard Walker said...

Indeed not :-)