Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Eat Your Heart Out, Alan Titchmarsh - Jesus Wins!

Back in Genesis 1-2 God created all kinds of animals and plants, that would bear offspring according to their kind. Apple seeds would bring forth apple trees. Dove "seeds" would would bring forth more doves. Banana trees wouldn't suddenly start spouting butter-nut squashes, nor would pigs be expected to birth hammerhead sharks...

Jesus, crucified just before Sabbath, was placed in the tomb, like a seed in the ground. On the first day of the week, he sprouted (rose again). He is the new creation of God, fully able, through the Spirit of God, to sprout many more people like himself (made in his image) as this gospel travels throughout the earth. He is the prophesied fruitful vine who saves all who come to him.

And just as the first man, Adam was a gardener, given a mandate to spread the garden to the ends of the earth.  So too, Mary speaks better than she realises when she, meets this new gardener, the second Adam, who will spread this mightily fruitful seed of himself throughout the whole earth.

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