Sunday, 14 November 2010

James Jordan On How to Read The Bible

James B Jordan has some refreshing (and politically incorrect things) to say about how to read the Bible. Good for stirring up your thinking. Warning - he has a dry sense of humour. Some of the things he says aren't to be taken seriously.

Download the first talk from here.

You can find the rest of the talks in the series here on page 2/3. (For some reason they don't get indexed in order.)

The thrust of what he says is: If you want to understand the Bible you have to read it, alternatively you can read it, or even read it, better still you can read it.


Jonathan Robinson said...

haven't had time to listen to the talks but i totally agree with the sentiment, i am constantly struggling with those who want to go straight to application (what does it mean for me?) before they even know what the text actually says, the worst is when you hear preachers who haven't even taken the trouble to read the text properly, but now i am starting to rant.

Richard Walker said...