Monday, 22 June 2009

Loving the Church in All of Life

After a weekend of learning how to love the Church - the bride of Christ, and hearing how marriage in this life is an echo of the great marriage between Christ and the Church at the climax of history, here are two pastoral offshoot thoughts.

1. Up to 36hrs ago I would have agreed with this article. The essential proposition is that Romantic Comedies are to women, what pornography is to men - unhealthy fantasy. But after a weekend reflecting on the purpose of the Church in history, I think this is a better take on the matter. (That doesn't mean that if it doesn't have an 18 certificate it can't warp your thinking though. Discernment is needed, whatever the cert.)

2. Glen Scrivener with, what is in my opinion, the best reason why masturbation is plain wrong. In short, it's the anti-gospel.

And yes, the picture is well cheesy! :-)


Anonymous said...

You are a complete nutjob! You are now saying wanking is wrong? Let me guess are you one of those people who beat themselves with a whip to avoid those PERFECTLY NORMAL thoughts? I hope to your fantasy god that you are not telling this pack of lies to children!

Anonymous said...

you are sick and disturbed. i will pray for your mental health.

Anonymous said...

unhealthy fantasy = Jesus and brainwashing christians

Anonymous said...

Writing as a Christian - although one of a liberal persuasion - we would do well to remember that such issues in life are not as clear cut as Mr Walker suggests in this and other blog postings.

For me the message of Jesus Christ is primarily about love, forgiveness and acceptance. I can't help but agree with comments elsewhere about gay people in the Church - it's hardly mentioned in the bible so I am mystified as to why so many Christians (such as Mr Walker) major on this issue.