Sunday, 14 June 2009

A Day of Contrasts

It started with a triathlon at 8am, (Full Olympic distance)
I thought I was going to throw up and have bladder failure all at once on the run! Suffice to say, I think my tri-buddies stuffed me!

It was followed by our school fete.
I won a bag of Minstrals on a dart throwing game. Woo-hoo!

Followed by praying for the troubled nation of Sudan.
Some incredible stories of darkness, but also rays of hope. It is an awesome thing to know that through Jesus, Christians have the ear of a God who acts mercifully and graciously!

Followed by Cricket
Haven't played that in ages!

Followed by Cream Tea with treasured friends
I also enjoyed having a go at no.1 daughter's spellings! Heck, I never remember if it's one l or two in busilly!

Followed by marking (which I will start in a minute when I have done this!)
I like marking like I like washing up - it's only best when it's over.