Thursday, 25 June 2009

Lords' Watch - June 09

In a recent post, I encouraged people to write to their MPs re amendments to the laws on free speech and assisted suicide.

The same legislation is now up in the House of Lords for voting at the beginning of July. If, like me, you live in Berkshire, you can get in touch with Lord Palmer, (pictured right).

As in that former post, I will be asking him to vote in a way that protects free speech and conscience and the sanctity of life.

You can snail mail Lord Palmer at:

The House of Lords,

or email him.

If you are interested, you can see his voting record here.

Happy writing.


Anonymous said...

Again i see you asking people to vote against a law that protects innocent people to allow you and your biggoted friends to spout your filth and lies - why have you not responded to any of the comments we made last time? Can you not back up your BNP like views? I am really concerned about the way you seem to think you are an authority, but cannot defend your views! Back it up or shut up!

Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous! How can you think that you have the right to express your view on life, sex and jacking off but yet no one else is entitled to their view? Is it a good thing that this man voted against gay rights? Are we here to make the lives of gay people miserable in this life as well as the next? Are you suggesting that we have the right to judge and condemn people? Well im sorry Walker but God is the only one who reserves this right and i dont think he appreciates you thinking that it is your job!!!!!!! Stick to the Language teaching because Jesus doesnt need you to be his disciple!!!!!! xxxxxxx