Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Commons Watch - April 09

Some important pieces of legislation are currently going through Parliament that you should strongly consider contacting your MP over.

The first is on free speech and people being allowed to be true to their consciences when talking on matters of sexual orientation. More info here.

The second relates to assisting someone in suicide. When you don't know Jesus and you've got people feeding you attractive but foolish arguments like this one.  It's hard to see how assisting someone to commit suicide can be anything but a loving thing.  Only a strong, loving, Jesus-centred and prayerful opposition has any hope. More info here.

Email your MP here.  

Alternatively, hand write a letter and send it to:

Mr R. Wilson MP (or whoever your MP is)
The House of Commons

Out of interest, you can check out Mr Wilson's rate of correspondence to letters from constituents here.  Although at 299th place, he is still considered a good corresponder!

See how he has been voting in Parliament here.  It's encouraging in my opinion!

Here's a copy of the letter I wrote today and have just posted. It took me 10mins to write:

Whatever your party political persuasion, let's give him encouragement to vote in a way that Jesus would be pleased with!


Karen said...

I sit on the fence with the whole euthanasia debate. As a Christian I really don't know where my beliefs should lie. In one sense I believe that life is only for God to take, but then I find myself asking about the gifts given to doctors.. Then I think about suffering and whether it's right to watch somebody die an agonising death when it feels cruel to let them suffer. Like I say, very confused about this one.

Richard Walker said...

It's issues like this that penetrate deep to the core of who is in charge of our lives.

For me, passive euthanasia (the removal of treatment that brings about a natural death) isn't a problem, but active euthanasia, the wilful choice to end your life and asking people to be complicit with you in that is a very different matter.

Many who seek release from suffering - ironically - will find that what they thought would bring them release, only catapults them earlier into an even more intense, and with it eternal, suffering.

Which is why Mr Minelli, the guy in the MP3 extract, (who is also the founder of the ironically named "Dignitas" suicide clinic in Geneva), is so flawed in his thinking. There is nothing marvellous or dignified about the coming judgment unless you are hidden in the refuge of Jesus.

Forbidding a person in law from taking their own life or assisting someone to do the same is one little way of reminding us that our lives are not our own, but belong to the creator of life and it is him who calls the shots.
It also gives people more opportunities to make their peace with God if they haven't already.

For me, the problem with secular arguments is that they are too self-centred in their thinking. I as much as anyone need to be rescued from that kind of mindset.

That doesn't make the emotional trama of human suffering (especially loved ones) any less intense
When that day comes for me, I want to have Job 42:1-6 lasered on the back of my eyelids! :-)

Anonymous said...

Dear Richard,

Jesus says nothing about same-sex behaviour.

The Jewish prophets are silent about homosexuality.

Only six or seven of the Bible's one million verses refer to same-sex behaviour in any way -- and none of these verses refer to homosexual orientation as it's understood today.

Let me quote you:

“For me, the problem with secular arguments is that they are too self-centred in their thinking. I as much as anyone need to be rescued from that kind of mindset.”

Let me help:

Why do you feel it a pertinent topic to write about on your blog when you are in charge of young boys who - and lets be very clear about this - have ABSOLUTLY no choice about what arouses them?

Are you about to explain in detail how god gave you divine wisdom; which allowed you to become sexually aroused by the female form? I doubt it because you and I know very well you cannot.

Please think very carefully about expressing your “PERSONAL” views on a website (WHICH YOU ADVERTISE IN YOUR CLASSROOM)that may be read by your students, as what you are saying is nothing less than: “THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU” When as an educated man you know very well there is not.

To write a letter which cites “HONEST OPINIONS” and clarifies this by stating “AS A MATTER OF CONSCIENCE?” is nothing short of a betrayal to the profession.

I challenge you to have the courage and strength to understand that what you are saying is nothing short of rhetoric, designed by people who have nothing left to fight against, and who have a very warped personal relationship with god. I also challenge you to defend your comments before the GTC – which you and I both know you can’t.

Stop this hateful, benign and ridiculous commentary before someone braver than me calls you to task.

Anonymous said...

Mr Walker - I am a parent of a student at your school who is in year YR9 - Please comment on your obejection to all hate crimes "Including those with a relgious bias" as i want to tell my son he is totally normal - and you say i can't?

Anonymous said...

Having read the last post here, I would like to state that I find it deeply disturbing that a teacher can promote their own personal views in a classroom.

A teacher should present impartial ideas on the world and allow the children to make their own informed and educated decisions. It is their duty!

While I appreciate that most forms of organised religion are against homsexuality, I would like to remind the writer of this blog that most religious texts preach love and understanding.

Surely such opinions, as stated in this blog, incite hate crimes rather than prevent them because if you believe that someone could "burn in hell", then obviously this is the most hateful thing that you could wish for another human being. Wheras Jesus always looked to include the marginalised elements of society e.g. whore, thief, leper etc.

This is the reason that, while I believe in God, I worry about how certain people choose to interpret Jesus's beautiful words.

I have many friends who are homosexual and, without exception, each one is genuinely kind, caring and in the image of what Jesus would have taught. Surely, despite their sexual orientation, because they are nice human beings, they have earnt their place in heaven.

Seriously.... if you are a nice human being, you will go to heaven!!!!! (Many straight people do depraved things in the bedroom!! Will God judge them or can only sexually frustrated people and virgins go to heaven?)

Anonymous said...

I have only just realised that I am a lesbian. Subconsciously, I realise that i have been struggling with my sexuality for most of my life. I have tried to conform to societie's norms, but realise that I have failed miserably.
Am I going to burn in hell? I hope not because i want to go to heaven to see my loved ones.
I think I am a good person and I have lead a good life so far. Friends and family love me for who I am, isn't that all that matters??
Also, may I ask what makes you qualified to interpret the Bible and decide what children should believe? (bearing in mind that the Bible can, and has been interpreted in many different ways).
Someone who is finally happy - as a lesbian!!

Michael said...

Some deeply religious views expressed here...

The god of postmodernity is clearly very attractive and offers much. He promises freedom, acceptance and fellowship with many of his disciples. But, in the end, he only takes and never gives. He does not love you, he hates and despises you. He does not care for you, give of himself for you and will never die for you. And, in your hour of greatest need, he will finally abandon you and hand you over to death.

But when he does, remember the still one beautiful voice of the God who was pierced... "Come to me all you who are burdened and heavy laden and you will find rest for your souls."

A wonderful testimony from a family friend may be helpful here.