Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Religious Services or Cleaning Services? Which would you choose?

In these credit crunch times, The National Secular Society is calling for the NHS to save £40 million per year by no longer paying for hospital chaplains. More info, including a revealing 4:43 interview here.

I'm not entirely sure what I think. History is littered with disasters from when the church and state have teamed up together, but that doesn't make it a bad idea per se. Moreover, I am suspicious of the NSS's agenda, using an uncertain financial climate to try and airbrush Jesus out of all life.

What I do know is that people need more than sterility to survive and thrive and at this point in time, knowing that whilst there will be many who proclaim a false gospel, there will also be many who proclaim the truth and so save some and I am happy for my taxes to be used to that end.


nick said...

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Karen said...
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Karen said...

In a warped way I find this quite uplifting. For a group of people to even form a 'secular' society and then go about attacking Christians, whichever way it presents itself, just makes me smile all the more. Not in support of their actions, but because they feel uncomfortable with the knowledge of God. This is something for us to pray for.

They feel threatened by the existence of God, they can feel the power of His existence and are trying to eradicate Him. To me, that's good as it means they're acknowledging His being, albeit involuntarily, and fighting with all their might to deny Him.

All power to God I say! And all power to the solitary chaplain in a huge hospital going about his day ministering to the patients and families. Awesome stuff. A few Godly men threatening an entire secular society!! Bring it on!!!

Richard Walker said...

Just like the early disciples!

Karen, I wholeheartedly agree!