Sunday, 12 April 2009

Easter Psalms: 24

Psalm 24 shows us a picture of the ascension of Christ into Heaven after his resurrection.

Verses 1-2 remind us of his great acts of old, creating the whole universe - and how in that act of creation, he symbolically foreshadowed - on the third day - his own resurrection.

Verses 3-5 show us what Jesus' perfection has won - the right to enter the Heavenly Jerusalem (of which the earthly Jerusalem was and is meant to be a picture) and v6 shows us that all who are in him (those who seek out this blessed man) are partakers of the blessing that he has earned.

Moreover, have you ever wondered why Jesus was raised on the day after the Jewish sabbath (Saturday) ie on the first day of the week? (Sunday?)

In order to fulfill the way he is depicted in the Feast of the Firstfruits

Just as the first sheaf of grain from the harvest was offered in the temple on the first day of the week so that the people might be accepted by the LORD, so Jesus - raised from the dead on the first day of the week -  is the forerunner of the new humanity going ahead of us into Heaven, making us acceptable to the LORD - that one day we might follow him there!

Verses 7-10 resonate with both John's words here in Revelation and with Paul's words here in Ephesians.

He is an awesome Saviour! He is an awesome God!

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