Friday, 10 April 2009

Easter Psalms: 22

David knowingly prophesied much about Jesus, the king who would eventually take his place on the throne - forever. Psalm 22 is no exception. 

In this psalm, David graphically prophesies that blackest moment in the history of everything - when the perfect friendship and fellowship between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, which has gone on since eternity past and will go on into eternity future, was interrupted. (Interrupted sounds like such a trivial word. Only God knows how much that word cost as he poured out the Triune God's anger on the Son.)

Murdered by the human race, on the day of Passover, God the Son, in the power of God the Holy Spirit, paid the ransom to God the Father for all the rebellion and wickedness of the human race done against all three of them, so that those who put their trust in Jesus might be spared by him when he comes again in wrath finally to punish the proud and impenitent.

For those who put their trust in Jesus, He has done it. The war IS over, their hearts will be united forever by the Spirit to Jesus and his Father.

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