Thursday, 9 April 2009

Oops... A blogging retraction

There are days when I feel like Apollos must have felt here. Going in all guns blazing and realising after the event that I had misunderstood an element of the mission and thus feeling somewhat sheepish. :-S

I only noticed it because I was listening to an audio sermon on the Ascension of Christ (not yet available on the web, otherwise I'd link to it).

In this post I talked about how Jesus is our mediator pleading our case before the Father. I slipped into using the term mediator in the sense of negotiator, as if there is still work for him to do.

That is wrong. For those who are in Christ, there is nothing left to plead or win for us. The Father is not sitting there in Heaven wondering whether to do good to his people and having to be cajoled by Jesus to do so. Jesus has done it all. The Death, Resurrection and final Ascension of Christ are the guarantee of that. He sat down. His work is DONE.

Jesus is the eternal man as well as the eternal God and his rightful place is Heaven. (for more on this, compare the man described here in Ezekiel and here in Revelation. They are the same man are they not? The same Jesus.)

Jesus, the eternal man, is the proof that the human race was always meant to dwell in the presence of the living God. Humans are not some foreign import into Heaven, (like some exotic fruit from a foreign land that can't be cultivated in our home soil). Heaven is the TRUE home for the whole human race.

We are all wanderers and strangers in this life, whether we are Christians or not. The question is will we hear Jesus beckoning us home and humble ourselves or will we in the madness of sin refuse him, remain hostile to him and so remain outside his love forever in Hell?

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