Saturday, 27 June 2009

True Greatness

You know how great a potter is by looking at the pots he makes.

You know how great a builder is by looking at the buildings he builds.

You know how great an artist is by looking at the paintings he paints.

You know how great a musician is by listening to the music he writes.

You know how great a commander is by hearing of the battles he has won.

You know how great a father is by looking at the children he has raised.

...etc... etc... blah... blah...

Best of all, when all of the above, and more, fail:

You know how great a saviour is by looking at those whom he saves.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

you know how insecure the christian is by the amount of rubbish he talks

Anonymous said...

victory! my post got removed! "freedom of speech" hey?!

Richard Walker said...

Victory indeed, I concede. ;-)

Although, where we got this notion in our culture that the highest expression of free speech was vulgarity, I have no idea.

Hardly evolution's greatest selling point. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately it would seem vulgarity is the only thing you feel enabled to respond to. We have tried to engage you in meaningful debate about your spiteful, racist and let’s face it bigoted comments, however you always fail to respond. Perhaps we should preface all of our comments with vulgarity? Please find it within your infinite wisdom to back up your comments and explain you hateful attitude to homosexual rights, a woman’s hard earned right to choose, and you somewhat unfathomable attitude towards masturbation. Having read the bible extensively we have found it hard to appreciate your own unique interpretation, but surely this ‘blog’ is your opportunity to explain yourself? We are however impressed that you have embraced the concept of evolution, not doubt you have found a way to shoe horn the theory into Genesis – We await your response ;-)

Richard Walker said...

My comment on evolution was a tongue in cheek one. Whilst, I know there are things that remain unanswered, I remain a 6-day-young-earth-total-world-flood creationist.

For this discussion to go further, which I am happy to go along with, I will only do face to face. It's too time consuming and open to misinterpretation etc to be worth the effort to continue it here.

Look me up on Facebook under Richard Maynard Walker - I am the only one under that listing - I think.

I look forward to hearing from you. :-)

Anonymous said...

I do not wish to meet face to face with someone as radical as yourself for from your blog I am scared of the constraints you inflict upon others and I would not feel safe in your presence.

Anonymous said...

Apologies in advance for the vulgarity, however we have found this little song which describes your ideas in a unique way - check out this link

We suggest you listen carefully to Ms Allen's lyrics please

Tom said...

Moving away from the abuse and back to the topic of this particular blog... I think the words on this blog are excellent, particularly that last challenging statement.

Thank you for your continual challenges and reminders Richard, you're a pleasure to be around.