Saturday, 1 December 2012

Second Postscript on Reflecting the Life of the Trinity

Having talked about how the life and time of Isaac are a picture of the gospel here, I found myself reading Isaac's story again this morning and remembered something my good friend Peter H said when we once discussed this. I paraphrase:

In Genesis 22, after Abraham has offered up his son Isaac as a sacrifice and received him back again, the Angel of the LORD says to him that his offspring will have dominion over their enemies (Gen.22:17). Two chapters later, Rebekah's family say almost the exact same thing to her as she departs from them to go and marry Isaac (Gen.24:60). Her being brought into the bloodline of Messiah means that she will come under all the blessings that have been given to that line and her life will become a prophetic enactment of all that God is up to.

So it is in the New Testament. Jesus - the offspring of Abraham in whom all these prophecies are finally fulfilled, (they were only seen in part in the life of Isaac) after his death and resurrection receives a bride who comes into all the blessing and authority that he has been given by his Father in Heaven and as politically incorrect and ridiculous as it sounds, she rules the world now as a co-heir with the Son: John 13:3, Matt. 28:18, John 20:21, serving just as he served (Mark 10:45).

Nice little bit of symmetry, me thinks.

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