Friday, 28 December 2012

The Mystery of Sin

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What do you and I marvel at?

Acts of (miraculous) power, but Jesus is different. He never said, Did you see what I just did? [healing a sick person] Wasn't that like... totally awesome-super-hardcore-amazing? So here's a question...

What did Jesus marvel at?

The rampant unbelief (Mark 6:6) or great faith (Matt.8:10) of his hearers.

The mystery of sin (2 Thess.2:7) is this:

That when he by whom and for whom all things exist comes to us.
When he who is the sun lighting up our dark world appears before us.
When he who is all truth comes to our confused world and speaks to us.
When he who is life itself comes to swallow up our mortality and make us like himself.

When Jesus Christ, the Son of God comes to us with infinite grace, mercy and humility to unite himself to us in love.

We'd rather stick our fingers in our ears, close our eyes, shout "La la la la," kick him out.

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