Monday, 24 December 2012

International Christmas 2012

Christmas is a time for going the extra mile serving one another. For me, it's the one time of the year that I peel vegetables. Problem is at this time of year, preparing veg is no mean feat. It's something of a Peel-athon and can definitely be described as a multi-sport endurance event, requiring a squillion repetitions of the same monotonous action as quickly as possible in slightly different ways for each variety of vegetable.

At one point I thought my wrist would cramp. Fortunately, my experience in triathlon, meant I could avoid that, by starting each new vegetable variety slowly and increasing rhythm to a sustainable pace.... Parsnips, carrots, swede, cabbage, potatoes, sprouts, garlic, onions... by this time I was crying! Had I attempted to prepare the cranberry sauce from stratch and not out of a jar adding the orange juice and port, I probably would have collapsed!

Anyway, who cares about that...

Tomorrow, (seems to be taking on the form of a tradi... value - I forget tradition is a dirty word) when many nations will gather around my dining room table.

In Continent terms, only Australasia and North America will be absent. I invited Antarctica, but they gave me the cold shoulder!

In case conversation wanes over the course of the afternoon, (although I can't see that happening) I have prepared some Christmas quizzes. You could have a go yourself!

Looking forward to it.

He became like us so that one day we could become like him. 1 Cor.15:47

Happy Christmas!

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