Saturday, 17 April 2010

The Gospel of Jesus Christ According to Isaac

Much of Issac's life is a beautiful picture of the Trinitarian gospel. Consider the following:

His birth is foretold a long time before it happens.

His conception is miraculous.

He is persecuted by his older brother who was not born according to the promise of God.

He is offered up by his father as a sacrifice on Mount Moriah. No one but father and son are involved in this.

Isaac obediently and submissively follows his father, carrying the wood for his death.

He is received back from the dead (if only metaphorically) and reunited with his father, due to the intervention of the Angel of the LORD.

Afterwards, when Isaac is of age, his father Abraham charges his servant to go and fetch his son a bride.

The servant diligently goes far away from their place of sojourning to their own people.

He finds Rebekah and tells her all that his master has sent him to do and that if she is willing, she will become the bride of his master's son.

The servant lavishes his Master's gifts on Rebekah and her family.

She agrees to go to Isaac without delay and travel to Abraham country - the land of Isaac's inheritance, and they enjoy marital union for the rest of their days.

Whilst Abraham had other sons, Isaac was his only heir.

Consider then, Jesus...

His birth is foretold a long time before it happens.

His conception is miraculous.

He is persecuted by his own brothers, the Jews, who refuse to recognise him as the offspring of promise.

He is lifted up by his Father on the cross at Mount Moriah. Father, Son and Spirit deal with the wrath of God for sin amongst themselves. No one else is involved.

Jesus willingly and obediently submits to his father's will, carrying the wooden cross beam on his own back to the place of his execution.

He is raised from the dead and returns to his Father. No metaphor here!

The Father sends the Holy Spirit, to get for his Son a bride, a people to be his very own.

The Spirit goes from Heaven, the place of their sojourning into the world.

He finds a bride - the Church - a people gathered in from all the nations, testifying of all the father has sent him say and that if she is willing, she will become the bride of his eternal Son.

The Spirit lavishes all good gifts from the Father on the Church, betrothing her to the Son and preparing her for him.

The church responds quickly and desires eagerly to be with Christ throwing off all known worldly comforts and familiarities in order to be found united with him in the New Creation of the Father - that is the land of the Son's Inheritance - and enjoy union with them for eternity.

God the Father has no other heir in creation other than his Son. There is no other way to enter into that blessing but to be found in the Bride of Christ - the Church, and being joined to Christ.

This is the Bible plot-line in an easy to understand, story-fied nutshell.


dave bish said...

Give us Joseph next please.

Richard Walker said...

Now that the hols are over, my opportunity for meditation on these things is a bit more limited.

Although I did have an insight into Joseph's life off the back of your preach from last year referring to the lover smelling of myrrh. Need to gather it all together first though before I go to prin... blog.

dave bish said...

Ah well. Bank holiday weekend and a half-term coming in the near future.