Thursday, 1 April 2010

A Tale of Two Gardens

Consider the contrast between two different kinds of human: Adam and Christ.

Adam was placed in a perfect garden, Eden. There was no need to weed or work hard to make sure it produced an abundant harvest. Every animal submitted to his authority and he had the company of a foxy chick with whom he could enjoy it all and spread the love!

So when the Lord God said Just keep your hands off this particular tree. You'd be forgiven for thinking that was a simple thing to do. However, it proved an impossible task for Adam, who had the whole world open to him, yet driven by desire, chose to focus on the one thing he had been denied. We have lived under the fallout of that ever since.

Fast forward a few thousand years to another garden, Gethsemane. Here is another man, Jesus Christ:

(As an aside, I love the way the film writers echo the sentiments of the Psalms here for truly, the Psalms speak prophetically of Jesus, first.)

Surrounded by darkness, anxious in his flesh, misunderstood by his friends, persecuted by his enemies and tempted by the devil. In short, the whole world caving in on Jesus and yet he himself does not cave in.

Consider the contrasts between the two men:

Adam is in comfort. Jesus is in distress.
Adam has no right to disobey. Jesus has no need to suffer.
Adam is driven by selfish desire. Jesus is driven by self-giving love.

Jesus came to create a (re)new(ed) humanity, not improve a decaying and dying one. A humanity born of the Spirit of God, not the decision (or unforeseen misadventure for that matter) of any man and woman.

That's why those who love Jesus aren't looking for the restoration of the old order - Eden, or the creation of utopia (man's efforts to overcome the curse), those goals are too small. No, we look for the revelation of an altogether New Earth - the home of true perfection and peace. The home of God and their people.

Will you be there?


Andrew Whitcombe said...

Hey Richard, Helen told me about your blog and I've just started one of my own, so i thought I'd have a look and see how it's done. Great stuff, really thought provoking and easy to read. Thanks...

Richard Walker said...

Thanks for the encouragement! Good of you to stop by!! :-)