Monday, 26 April 2010

Spoilt Brat Electorate?

If the following video sums you up in what you think politicians are there to do for you, then you're in for a big disappointment after the election, even if the party you vote for comes in with a landslide majority.

Whilst I recognise they are stimulating a renewed engagement on one level, my one concern with the big televised election debates is that they will encourage passivity at a local level. People will assume that the messiahs of Westminster know the road to happiness, when in truth, daily Godly choices are the way to true joy, irrespective of who is in power.

Wisdom and happiness are not dished out from Westminster, but from walking humbly and selflessly with Jesus, because the greatest joy will always be in giving out of receiving, not receiving on its own.


In other news, CARE have put together some questions you might want to ask politicians and activists who come door-knocking.

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