Wednesday, 21 April 2010

On Escaping Pin Tails and Donkeys and Other Things

Those of you who live in Reading East like me, may have noticed that there's a new independent candidate in the running as of yesterday. If anyone knows anything about her or what she is standing for, do let me know. So far, the mighty Google has given me nothing.
If you're like me and trying desperately to move yourself from an eenie-meenie-mynee-mo approach to your ballot paper in the forthcoming General Election to one that feels somewhat more purposeful, then heres some thing that may help...

Whilst the Ends may be the same (at least in the rhetoric) the Means are very different. To that end, the BBC have a nifty little site where you can compare the major means of the major parties. I'm hoping there'll be enough detail there to help me cut through the utopian rhetoric and platitudes and get a real whiff of where the main parties really are.

There are 15 days to go (at time of writing) and I aim to look at 1-2 issues a day (starting with Key Priorities) so that my brain doesn't get too fried in any one sitting, although I'm probably hopelessly optimistic about that.
In other news, will Christians swing the UK vote? The journalists give their view here. Of course, the article makes no reference to the power of prayer. It has never been an odds and numbers game.

Whatever happens on 6th May, we will get the government we deserve, if for no other reason they are the product of our national spirit. If they are sound, it is because the nation is. If they are compromised, it is because we as a nation are. That's not a call to cynicism, but rather a call to the kind of prayer that flows from the kind of heart that's full of grace.

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