Thursday, 15 April 2010


The Today Programme had a nice little piece on the potential benefits of tonight's TV debate between the three main party leaders.

Last night, I had my first proper foray into Election '10 when a Conservative Party rep knocked on the door and asked me who I would be voting for. No doubt the rest will be knocking soon.

When it comes to which party to vote for, I feel a little bit like this guy - confused an bewildered.

As Mary Beard said, all parties are essentially the same in their vision of prosperity, security and fairness for all (who would dare argue against those kind of catch all ideals?)

How much they differ in their means of bringing us those ideals I don't know, and if the truth be told I ain't got the appetite to go wading through all the spin only to find myself at the foot of a mountain of small print that leaves even the best-intentioned and well-educated punter bewildered. (for example see this video from 5:11 onwards). Even if I did manage to cram up on the detail, I'm not sure I'd come away much the wiser.

So what's to do?

Given that I haven't yet identified one issue from any of the parties that would either stop me from voting for them or mesmerize me so much that I couldn't help but pledge them my unswerving allegiance, I am leaning towards going on what I feel about my local candidates - irrespective of their political colour.

I would love to attend a hustings, so if you know of any going on in the Reading East area, then let me know!! I'm pretty sure if I have seen our candidates face to face, I will have a much better idea who to vote for and a much less apathetic reaction to the media election merry-go-round.

So I will endeavour to engage in this election. I chose to encourage politicians in the good, to hold them to account in the bad. I chose not to set my hope on a (selfish) vision of utopia (for me and my mates) in this life and I will fight my tendancy to have naive and infantile expectations of politicians that let me abdicate my own responsibility both for my own destiny and those around me.

Work for the peace of the community in which you live, for in its peace (lit. shalom) you find your own.

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Karen said...

So far I'm relying on good old fashioned feminine intuition! Nobody has knocked on my door yet, but I'm waiting.