Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Postscript on Reflecting the life of the Trinity

Something I didn't mention on Sunday and they never would have needed to say in ages gone by, but that Steve Holmes sums up well: If we want to reflect the life of God in our communities, we need to be physically present in them.  Interacting through social media, whilst currently all the rage, is not enough. He goes on:
I was at an academic conference on the theme 'The Communication of God'. A Jewish philosopher was speaking to us about the promise of online communication; he was passionate and committed and fairly persuasive. (I was already involved back then in running an experimental online theology discussion group, and so I was ready to be convinced.)

At the end, however, someone stood up and commented, 'As a Jew, this will work for you - you believe in the power of word, of text. For those of us who are Christians, who believe the Word became flesh, textual interactions will never be enough.'
Read the article (3mins max) in full here.

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