Monday, 26 November 2012

Sermon Notes: Reflecting the Trinity in Life

We are dust – glorified dust. Everything we make, eat, surround ourselves with, wear, read, watch is glorified dust. We have come from below – from the dust (Gen. 2:7) and when we die, we return there (Gen. 3:19).

But when Christ entered our world, he did not come up from below, he came from above, from Heaven itself (John 3:31) He was a totally new kind of human – one who lived in perfect fellowship with God by the power of the Spirit. And in his great love, through the cross, he has raised us up into that life of his. We are united to him at the very right hand of God. We are co-heirs with him. Jesus gets everything and we get Jesus who joyfully shares all he has with his people.

We have eternal life now, because eternal life is fellowship with Jesus and his Father. John 17:3

Just as the Father sent the Son so that the world might know God and be reconciled to him, so now Jesus (who has been given all authority) sends his church into the world so that the world might know who Jesus is and what he has done. Jesus says as much in John 20:21 As the Father has sent me, so I am sending you… So what might our lives and communities look like if we are seeking to reflect / imitate something of the surpassing greatness of this God?

  • Because the Trinity reveal truth, we also speak the truth: John 1:18. Let us speak the truth to one another in the church and not shy away from it thinking that it’s cheesy or silly. Let us speak the truth at work and elsewhere starting with the truth about Jesus.
  • Because Trinity love each other for who they are, we embrace personhood of all. E.g. Matt 3:17. We must not view people as a means to an end for some agenda of ours and remember, that many people who annoy us (like cold calling telesales people) are just trying to make a living – they aren’t on a personal crusade to get us.
  • Because the Trinity are compassionate before passing judgement, we too show compassion before passing judgement. James 1:19 Don’t get involved in office politics. Don’t demonise those who aren’t like you e.g. immigrants, the unemployed, travellers, addicts etc. Get involved with helping them, you will probably find you have more in common that you realise and then any judgements you do make will likely be more sound.
  • Because Trinity have made time and room in their hearts for those who aren’t like them, so should we. John 10:16 You don’t need to be extravert, you just need a heart that wants to express family beyond the confines of your own personality type. Shy people still love being part of a family that is how church should flourish.
  • Because the Trinity share what they have with those in need so should we. Eph.2:3-5. What time, talents or treasure can you give to those in genuine need? Note, this is not a justification for demanding “Mates rates” off your brothers and sisters just because you don’t want to pay what everyone else has to.
  • Because the Trinity are gracious and forgiving, so should we be. Eph.2:3-5 Seek to forgive and be reconciled when you have been offended. Don’t let the size of our church or your workplace be an excuse to leave things unresolved. God doesn’t sin, but we still do, so be active in seeking forgiveness when you are at fault, and put things in place so you don’t do the same bad thing again.
  • Because the Trinity take the initiative in self-sacrifice, to make room for others so should we. Heb 12:1-2 If we are 80% happy with what is going on in church life, that is enough. To the mature: Will you take the first step in giving up your preferences for the sake of others who (as they mature) will exhibit the same kind of sacrificial behaviour as you. Also, who here is flourishing because of your input? Personally / in ministry? Who at work or in your other circles would say “If it wasn’t for … I wouldn’t have been able to...
  • Because the Trinity aren’t held to ransom by the agenda of others, neither should we feel any need to be Luke 5:16. We must know when to give ourselves sacrificially, but also when to draw away. We must run to no other agenda than the Kingdom of God and his Christ. In a world where there is no end of need, we must learn how to say “no” in a godly way.

We want to build communities across our town and especially in the church where all these things flourish because we want to reflect our God who is Trinity.

But we are utterly insufficient for the task so let us come to Jesus, knowing that he will supply all we need both (energy and wisdom) for the days ahead.

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