Monday, 3 January 2011

The Thorns Vs. The Vine

In the strange world of the Bible. Thorns and thistles are symbolic of sinful humanity. (Making this verse very poignant and prophetic.)

In Genesis 6, we see sinful humanity had begun to spread like thorns and thistles across the earth, causing strife wherever they went. This was immensely grievous to God.

We need to be clear that evil here is not what we primarily think of as evil, namely, socially unacceptable acts, like racism, genocide, paedophilia (and if you're Spanish - smoking!!) Rather it is a rejection of loving covenant relationship with the living God. The Bible is SO politically incorrect! You can be the greatest humanitarian the world has ever seen, but if you refuse to enter into covenant relationship with God through Christ, and choose to live independently from him, then the Bible calls you evil and you might as well flush your "good deeds" down the loo, because in the day of Judgement, they won't count for anything.

Noah, the faithful covenant keeper, and his family are the only ones to escape. (For a thought provoking video on the geological nature of the Genesis flood, click here.)

Thousands of years later through Christ, God would establish a new vine heralding the birth of a new humanity, one that would not produce thorns and thistles, but tasty life-giving fruit, because they would be firmly rooted in covenant relationship with God.

Adam (old humanity) was a dust-man, producing thorns and thistles. Christ (new humanity) is the heavenly man bringing forth fruit and new wine!

Oh and as an aside, I think the mockers were on to something. :-)

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