Saturday, 22 January 2011

Expect the Unexpected

Genesis 48 Whilst Jacob has also gone blind like his father, he does not appear to have lost godly discernment along the way like Isaac did.  Jacob adopts Joseph's sons as his own a symbol of Joseph's preeminence in the family and testimony that he would (through his sons' names), inherit a double portion in the promised land when they returned.

He repeats the pattern of blessing he received from God, with the second son preeminent over the first, not because of some whim, but as a reminder that it is not Adam the first man, but Christ the second and heavenly man who will have the preeminence.

Note Jacob's reference to the Angel who has redeemed him. This Angel, who appeared to him at Bethel at the top of the stairway and promised to bless him, who wrestled with him and gave him that blessing, is Christ. To give any other angel the title of redeemer, the angels would agree, is plain blasphemy. The great Matthew Henry was on the money! :-)

Psalm 22 Jesus first and last words on the cross My God, my God. Why have you forsaken me?, and It is finished, are the first and last lines of this Psalm in which is David prophesying all about Christ. I'll let this video do the talking. It's wonderful - have tissues ready!

Matthew 9:14-26 As was seen yesterday, the disciples, later apostles, would do plenty of fasting, but for now they were enjoying the company of their Lord and Saviour - feasting on all the delights that came with his company, not least the new wine of Kingdom grace and truth, which was now here bursting the old wineskin of the Law apart.

The old covenant, with its temple worship, priesthood and ritual sacrifice was soon to become blasphemous and thus destroyed and a new global reality set in place. It would be an abomination to continue animal sacrifice after the cross. The mission of the people of God, would no longer be marked by distinction and separation, but transformation.

That people laugh when Jesus says that this little girl is only sleeping shows that these people are still intoxicated on the wine of worldly thinking. He would stun them all sober - so to speak, but greater things were yet to come.

Acts 13:26-52 It's not only Jesus who is bursting the old wineskin with this new wine, Paul and Barnabas are too. Once again pride and envy of the religious types who think they have the monopoly on truth, do their best to destroy the Kingdom expansion.

BTW. Wine is the eschatological drink of the new covenant and the new creation, so whilst I neither want to encourage ungodliness, nor trample a weaker man's conscience, I do want to say - don't let the legalists who spy on your freedom in Christ, rob you of this wonderful truth. When enjoyed rightly with thanksgiving to God, wine is a means of grace to teach us many things! :-)

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