Sunday, 16 January 2011

Pot Luck 1

Can't see an obvious major theme in today's readings, but maybe I have missed something. If you see one please point it out. :-) This will probably be the first of many "Pot Luck" entries! :-)

Genesis 36 There's not much to say here, except that the phrase These are the generations of... is a phrase that turns up often in Genesis. Our surface interpretation of that phrase is misleading, because we assume that the family trees whixh often, but not always, appear after those phrases are the reason why that turn of phrase is there. However it is a phrase that concludes the writings of the named person. For example These are the generations/accounts/origins of Noah, means that this Noah signing off his written account of his life and times. The family trees that appear afterwards are either put there by the person who took up the writing baton e.g. Abraham or placed in by a later editor e.g. Moses.

In other words, if Adam was not created ready to go out of the box - batteries included etc with the ability to make parchment, ink and then write on it, then he picked it up pretty quickly.

The observant amongst you will notice that Esau's wives have had a name change in this chapter, (I didn't see that, Jordan pointed it out to me.) This is not big news. A man called William will also answer to Bill or Will. That is probably what's going on here with Esau's wives.

Psalm 16 In this Psalm, David is speaking prophetically of Christ's resurrection, he is not talking about himself or the Christian. The apostles agree with David, (pay particular attention to v30-31). You only reap the benefits of this Psalm if you are found in the Christ of whom David speaks. If you are in Christ, then you are one of the glorious ones in whom is all delight of the Almighty Eternal God who is Love.

Matt 6:25-34 The pagans see many things and run after them, but the Christian should only see one - the Kingdom of God and all the choices and judgements he makes should be built upon that one great eternal reality. Failure to do this is folly indeed. Do not worry, Jesus will clothe his people with his righteousness and sustain them with the food of his love. He will meet the daily necessities too.

Acts 9:20-43 The great persecutor of the early church becomes its greatest persecuted preacher. I love the very matter of fact and understated way that Luke seems to report the healing of Aeneas, as if Peter popped in for a cup of tea and the Holy Spirit nudges him and says By the way, before you leave, I want to heal Aeneas, Peter is obedient to that prompting and so it happens. No big healing meeting or show off event, no big build up, just everyday life - naturally supernatural - from the church who walked in the fear of the Lord and Comfort of the Holy Spirit.

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