Sunday, 2 January 2011

Sin and Salvation

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In Genesis 3 Adam and Eve presumptuously grab at the nature of God for themselves. And they get it, but not in the way God intended. Following the promptings of the serpent, they act wickedly, and are cast out from fellowship with God.

But before that exile happens, the one who is the Voice of God (imo Christ) appears to them in person. He gives them a picture of how he will make all things well again: by slaying an animal and from that perfect slain animal, making garments for them to hide their nakedness. He also gives them a promise that through the woman, one will be born who will die (snake bite) but will rise again and in so doing, crush the serpent's head.

Jesus (imo) does this all over the Old Testament. He reveals the plans of the Father

  • in person
  • in promises and
  • in prophetic pictures.

God, through his Son, will one day come and inhabit the curse brought on the whole creation by the wicked presumption of the human race, and he will destroy that curse from within. Opening up the way to unhindered fellowship with God, forever.

(Note, this is also why Cain has no excuse for offering vegetables in the next chapter. Humanity has already been shown that without the shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness of sin - no way out from under the curse. You can only come to God through the blood of a perfect sacrifice.)

The wait for Messiah has begun.

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