Sunday, 9 January 2011

Pray for the Referendum in South Sudan

A friend of mine (those who need to know will know who I'm talking about) in Southern Sudan sent email regarding today's referendum in South Sudan:

Tomorrow morning, I will start my journey to ___ where I will be observing the referendum on behalf of ____. Please, please keep praying for the referendum, day-by-day, as the vote takes place. It starts this Sunday. It is hard to fathom that this dreamed of vote will finally take place in about sixty hours. One official said, "Only the end of the world can stop it now". For years they have waited and for decades they have fought for this right to vote for an independent Southern Sudan. The expectations are consuming as we wait for the polls to open.

I am sad to not be with my friends in [another part of South Sudan]. I miss them. Do pray for them. But it is exciting to let God show me another region of Southern Sudan at this crucial time.

I fear I will have poor communications during this time, but the most detailed source of Sudanese news on the internet is the Sudan Tribune (

Also, to keep you praying, a possible schedule for the polls is as follows:
9th - 15th January: Polls are open for voting. Instead of just one day, it will take a week to vote.
15th January: The polls are counted for the first time and results are posted locally.
19th January: The first national, compiled results are announced.
15th February: The final result should be announced.
Add them to your diary to remind you to pray!

In another email this friend wrote:

I fear, as much as anything, internal conflicts within South Sudan. They are seasonal and this is their season, so maybe there will be nothing more than usual. But the highest army generals are whispering more about each other than about the North.

Assuming the referendum, the issues over boader lines, and oil and water supplies all pass off peacefully, there is still significant threat of internal conflict as various parties strive for supremacy. Will take the patience and prayers of the saints to see it all through.

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