Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Outsiders Have In

Genesis 41 God bypasses all Pharaoh's officials and civil servants and get's him where he least expects it - when he is asleep - when he is vulnerable - sending him dreams he can neither decipher nor fathom.

Neither the economic might nor the cumulative "wisdom" of his empire can obtain for him the answer that he seeks. God's revelation neuters all the pretence of man's achievements in a flash. The Empire which took years of blood and toil to build, in a matter of minutes sees all of her officials groping around clueless.

Insignificant little Joseph walks into this world of empire and, by God's power, quickly brings a new order from the chaos - new light into the darkness.  The mighty Nile - source of life and prosperity - source of identity and focus of worship for the Egyptians at least - will in seven years die on them. This Idol of Egypt stands judged by God.

At this point, Jordan reckons Pharoah and his court converts and I can see his point. Pharoah submits to the all the word of God spoken by Joseph, (unlike his descendent in Ex.1) makes him Prime Minister of the Empire and gives him a wife.  If Joseph is as godly as the last few chapters have made him out to be, he wouldn't have allowed himself to be joined to an idol worshipper.  This royal court has met with God and many (not all) have been converted like Pharaoh.

God's revelation is for the blessing of the nations, and he has also brought about the circumstances required to bring his chosen family down to Egypt.

Psalm 18:25-50 This Psalm ultimately speaks of Jesus, the descendent of David, who saw all his enemies subdued before him.

Matt 8:1-13 Two outsiders find grace from Jesus; one a leper a social outsider, the other a racial outsider. Both show more valiant faith the the Jews who should have recognised Jesus, but didn't. Already there are clues that the Jews will reject the gospel and that it will go to the Gentiles.

Related, but not the same: new converts are often more full of faith than the old timers, who have somehow gotten all settled in their "faith." May that never be my testimony!

Acts 11:1-18 The believers rejoice that this "new life" has been poured out on the Gentiles too!

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