Sunday, 10 October 2010

Sunday Snippets

There were a number of highlights today.

I got to meet two of the new people who visited our church's morning meeting. One was not a Christian, but had had us recommended by a friend and had mustered the courage to simply come along. The other was a fresher Christian student from Eastbourne who had been referred to us by one of my blogging heroes, the prolific Glen Scrivener! (I realise that last sentence will mean absolutely nothing to most of you, but it meant a lot to me.)

Some of us at RFC have been reading through the Bible in a year, and the benefit is beginning to be felt when we gather as a church, as this morning, Rachel Green brought us an excellent exhortation regarding what God has done in Christ from one of the "minor" prophets!

Some of us gathered in the Church office to hear about what Naomi Pendle has been up to.  We had a simple lunch of beans, rice and bread, which we encouraged people to eat with their fingers. However for £1 we offered the possibility to "upgrade" to a more familiar Westernised experience, in the addition of condiments and cutlery. The money collected will be used to buy stationary for the kids at her school in Sudan. Please pray for her, that God would give her clarity and wisdom for the next steps and how we at RFC can/should be part of it.

Battered calamari being described with the phrase: "These onion rings are a bit chewy!" 

The indomitable, indefatigable Keith Holland turned 50 this week, and it was a pleasure to briefly pop in on his birthday celebrations.

But all that good stuff is good because of the brightness of the hope we sung about and heard proclaimed today: that God has now established a kingdom through the Son whom he loves and is joyfully welcoming in once-proud-and-stupid rebels like you and me when we humble ourselves before him.

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