Tuesday, 5 October 2010

What The Bible Is Basically About

Whilst trawling youtube for a video to help introduce my year 8 RE class to what the Bible is about, I came across Tim Keller talking in the video embedded below (amongst others).

Enjoy... (kind of...)


Tope said...

And so is this how we discern between spirits (catch the wolf in sheep's clothing); if it's not pointing to Jesus then it's not the spirit of God?

Richard Walker said...

Indeed, but it is also more than discerning which way something is pointing. It's a heart attitude in pointing. Demons can point people to Jesus. False teachers will point to Jesus as a way of making themselves rich.

It's a complex thing to cut to the heart of a person's motives. Precisely why we need the Spirit's help not only to know the hearts of others, but more importantly, to know our own.

Richard Walker said...

Don't be anxious about it though. It's wonderful news to know that God loves to reveal himself and his wisdom to the humble, not the clever.

Jonathan Robinson said...

thanks for sharing that Rich, hope all is well, invasive organisms not withstanding!


Richard Walker said...

Kind of you to say so Jon. :-)