Saturday, 23 October 2010

Lob a Grenade at the False gods Remaining in Your Heart

Three sermons from the great Mike Reeves on the love of God.

Before you click away from this blog, thinking, I know the love of God, John 3:16, blah blah blah... think again.  Our understanding of the love of God is still so riddled with our own fallen and self-righteous assumptions, such that we cast God as he is not. I lovingly provoke you to find 110 mins over the next couple of weeks to hear what Mike has to say and throw a grenade at the false gods in your heart and then another at the lies holding your mind hostage.

If these sermons are not helpful, I will personally come and clean your house for 110mins, to make up for the time you lost. (I'm that confident!!)

Thanks to Dave Bish for posting them so quickly!


Jonathan Robinson said...

that is quite a promise to make, although a trip to NZ is never wasted. ;-)

dave bish said...

Glad to serve the wider church with these mp3s.