Saturday, 16 October 2010

Another Thought on the Difference Between Us and Christ

The Temptation of Adam in the Garden of Eden and the Temptation of Christ in the Wilderness have many similarities and some big fat glorious differences...

In the paradise of Eden, Satan appeals to Adam and Eve's natural bodily desire to eat (v6), he distorts what God had spoken (v1) to puff up their egos and enable them to feel justified in their disobedience, and even though they have already been given the mandate to fill and subdue the earth, Satan tells them that listening to him (spun as "going solo") would lead to them into immediate participation in the divine nature and thus all the benefits of the New Creation (v5).

In the desolation of the wilderness, Satan appeals to Jesus' bodily appetite (v2-3), he distorts what God has spoken in an attempt to puff up Jesus' ego (5-6) and he offers him the kingdom he is waiting to receive from his Father right now, if Jesus will only pay him hommage (v8).

Unlike Adam, Jesus will have none of it. Adam was presumptuous, Jesus was patient. Adam wanted the benefits of the New Creation in this life now, not having to wait. Unlike Adam, Jesus humbled himself so that at the proper time, he would be exalted. A good thing at the wrong time is a bad thing.  (Perfection is not independent of time and timing, but that's for another post.)

The right time for Jesus' exaltation came when the Father called his Son forth from the grave and as ever, he obediently came forth to have this New Creation conferred upon him, to the sound of erupting praise.

All those who belong to Christ will patiently wait until the appointed time to follow where he has gone, to partake of his nature and reign with him where he is seated.

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