Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Your Possessions Tell Tales On You

In the video below, Tim Jackson talks about the madness of a system; an economic system, where we spend money we don't have on things we don't need to make impressions that don't last on people we don't care about.

He also refers to anthropological studies that talk about how, as human beings, we use our possessions to take away shame and create statuses and stories about ourselves.  (Wonder what they'd say about my new iPod nano - it is very cool and small enough to accidentally swallow!)

A poignant insight for the church, whose calling in the joy of the Spirit, is to take up a single possession, a cross, and follow her bridegroom to death, and beyond to new life.

The mission of the church is not a new brand of global equilibrium. It's not to save the world (not in the sense that Jackson means it at least) for this world order as we know it stands condemned. Rather it is sacrificial love, and thus to do all we can to prepare the world for re-creation and meeting its maker.

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