Saturday, 18 September 2010

God is a Bigger "Party-Animal" than the Angels

Christians often talk about how the angels have a great big knees up to praise God every time someone gets converted.  But a closer inspection of the text (and you don't need a degree to work it out) leads me to think that there is one who is an even bigger party animal than all the angels, busting out joy-filled shapes on the dance floors of Heaven.

Jesus says that rejoicing goes on before (as in "in front of") the angels. 

In other words, the One before whom all the angels eternally joyfully worship day and night without ceasing, the One who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is the one who rejoices the most when a person is converted.

As Mike Reeves pointed out, God is a bigger lover, poet and party animal than all the angels. When you rejoice over a Christian conversion, you rejoice not just with the angels, but with the biggest joy fountain of them all, God himself.

But then Zephaniah told us that, I was just too busy navel-gazing to notice.

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