Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Free Will is Self Will

At root, there's no such thing as "free will," just God's will or self will.

Yes we are free in that we can choose between a BLT sandwich or a tuna pasta salad when standing at the quick purchase counter in Tesco Metro, but you and I do not have the right to say yes, when God has said no, or no when God has said yes.

God was generous in the delimiting of his boundaries. Our problem was not that we wanted fruit, but that we wanted our own way, sticking our finger up at God.

Our exertion of self will is not without consequence. The question is who will bear that consequence? You on the day of your judgement or Christ on the Cross of Calvary?

Jesus died, rose, ascended to the right hand of the Father and poured out his Spirit so that you and I could be like him who joyfully does the Father's will, instead of stingily doing our own.

There is no third "neutral" option called free will. It's illusory.

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Dove of Creation said...

Amen! God has offered us another tree of life, the cross of calvary, so that we might have another chance to choose his will :)