Monday, 27 September 2010

Percy's Progress

So today my GP referred me to the Infectious diseases unit up at the Churchill hospital in Oxford. I have to present myself there tomorrow at high noon!!  I'm guessing it'll be a course of anti-bs, but who knows? In the age of austerity and cutbacks, maybe they'll have no option but to revert to medieval remedies like gouging it out with a spoon and red hot poker (Not to be confused with the red hot Polka, which is a rather frenzied version of an otherwise popular traditional Eastern European dance.)

On the plus side, the nurse who redressed my foot after the GP consultation said she had never, in all her 30+ years of nursing, ever dressed a parasite infection! So I brought novelty onto the boring treadmill of someone else's world today! Hoorah!

As for of Percy - he's something of an ugly mug.


Rute Trancoso said...

Ohhhh! I wish I had seen Percy... I've heard of that kind of parasites, but never saw one. Maybe next time we see each other you will introduce me to your "friend"... :) Rute

Ian Greig said...

Percy seems to think it's all a bit of a laugh -- he might be a bit more 'poker faced' now though